Handrail System

All about our handrailing. Read more

Handrail System

All about our handrailing. Read more

Handrail System

All about our handrailing. Read more

Coastal Handrails

All about industrial handrail system. Read more

Handrails with Mesh Infill for bridges / gantries

Click and read about our handrail system. Read more

Ladder System

Click and read more about our AXESS vertical Ladder System. Read more

Open flooring

Read more about open flooring for walkways, bridges and platforms. Read more

Kick Flat System

Click and read all about our Kick Flat System Read more

Fabricated Handrails and Handrail Standards

Shop Fabricated Handrails and “Ball” Type Handrail Standards. Read more

Guardrail Engineering Ltd

Guardrail are specialists in the manufacture of “Ball” type Handrail Standards and Shop-fabricated handrails either in component form or fully engineered to suit Client details.

 “Axess” vertical access ladder system offering a safe, simple modular design with individual parts that bolt together to form a complete ladder.

Perforated non-slip Flooring and Stairtreads fabricated to size to suit Customer requirements.

Kick-Flat System – an “off the shelf” edge protection item that enables toe-plates to be supplied in “kit” form for immediate site installation for new projects or retro fitting.

Handrail System


Our industrial handrail system can be used as a guardrail or barrier on staircases, walkways and platforms etc.

Read more about industrial handrail


Axess - Ladder system


Guardrail’s vertical ladder system is a safe, simple modular design. Eliminating the need for expensive site surveys and the preparation of detail drawings.

Read more about vertical ladder system

Industrial flooring

Industrial Flooring Top

Guardrail offers industrial flooring for walkways, bridges and platforms in a wide range of standard non slip product solutions; complying to current British Standards.

Read more about industrial flooring

Kick Flat System


Minimize falling objects from platforms, bridges and walkways with Guardrails Kick Flat System. Easy to install with “clip-on” or “push-on” post connections, end caps and 90 degree joints.

Read more about kick flat system

Specialist Gratings


Guardrail is able to supply both mesh and safety gratings for use in Industry, Construction, Offshore etc.

Click to view more about gratings 

Brochure order.


Click to download our Guardrail brochure as a pdf. Our brochure details Handrail, Ladder and Kick-flat systems along with Open Mesh Flooring.

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  • BS EN 1090-1
  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001

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