Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring

Industrial flooring comes in many shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications within the workplace. Elevated platforms, stairs and walkways are a few prominent examples of where this material is used. The slip resistant attributes of flooring is always an important factor when considering which type to use; as safety is paramount on all sites. Guardrail offer a range of solutions including perforated flooring products that provide high slip resistance, excellent drainage and comply to the latest British Standards. These can all be designed to meet a range of loadings from minimum maintenance up to plant equipment and even higher design loads. All of which can be supplied fully fabricated finished and galvanised ready to fit usually within a 2/3 week period.

Numerous Sizes, Materials and Dimensions to Select

We firmly believe that the phrase "one size fits all" has no place when referring to modern flooring solutions. Different materials are suited for different areas and environments. Sizes will naturally vary and thus, the type of flooring is fashioned on a made-to-order basis. Aperture size, finished floor levels and slip resistance are some of the considerations we encounter and consider when proposing a solution. Those who are interested to learn more or who may wish to place an order should contact our sales department.

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