Open Mesh Flooring


Open mesh flooring serves a variety of applications within the industrial workplace. Elevated platforms, stairs and walkways are a few prominent examples of when this material is used. The slip resistant attributes of this type of flooring as well as its rugged durability are two additional benefits which are offered. Environments where spills are likely to take place or that need to stand up to rather harsh conditions will often employ metal open mesh flooring. Guard Rail Group is able to accommodate various needs; each depending upon the environment as well as the customer in question.

Numerous Sizes, Materials and Dimensions to Select

We firmly believe that the phrase "one size fits all" has no place when referring to modern open mesh flooring solutions. Different materials are suited for different areas and environments. Sizes will naturally vary and thus, this type of flooring is fashioned on a made-to-order basis. Selected mesh sizes and a choice of serrated or plain finishes are some other options to consider. Those who are interested to learn more or who may wish to place an order should contact our sales department. Alternatively, it is always possible to download our guardrail brochure (in PDF format).

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