Handrail Standards

Are you looking for industrial handrail system to be used as barriers or guardrails on your platforms, staircases or walkways? We manufacture them in two types, the shop fabricated handrail and the Ball type handrail standards. These can be in two forms, component or engineered to suit your needs as our customer.

The handrail standards that we manufacture have a hand rail, a knee rail, and a toe plate. These helps to maintain great safety levels in the environment they are in. We ensure that the distance between each rail is the recommended 500 meters. However, we incorporate the customer requirements to ensure that the handrails are used to the maximum. The customer requirements that we consider will normally include the weight that the rail can accommodate, the length of the rail, whether it will have ramps, bends or return bends, whether it will be made of stainless steel, mild steel or aluminium, and any other requirements that the customer may need.

Aside from the handrails, we are also able to provide specialized bends especially for unique environments, infills, base plates and gates among others. For manufacture handrails of great quality and our customers are never disappointed.

handrail_standard_single_ball.jpg handrail_standard_double_ball.jpg handrail_standard_triple_ball.jpg
 Single ball  Double ball  Triple ball
 handrail_standard_double_ball_45_degrees.jpg  handrail_standard_double_ball_0-45_degrees.jpg  
Raking Balls

0 to 45 degrees

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