Handrail self-closing gates and infills

Guardrail’s Handrail self-closing gates and infills are specifically designed in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements.

We manufacture and sell standard and individually fabricated self-closing gates for handrailing. Our tubular, self-closing gates can be mounted on flats, mounted to handrail standards or RSA uprights or secured to existing posts. Self-closing gates are available in a galvanized finish or in various grades of stainless steel.

We offer two styles:

handrail_door_full.jpg handrail_door_half.jpg
Gate Full Height Gate Half Height


Ideal for access in locations where safety is paramount, a self-closing gate allows access through the handrail. Self-closing gates close automatically due to the encased spring hinge. The gate provides personal protection equal to the surrounding handrail infrastructure (handrail, knee-rail and toe-plate). The tubular gates incorporate a bolt and lock nut to adjust the tension of the spring loaded self-closing mechanism.

We can supply Handrail self-closing gates and infills complete with posts, with bolt on plates or as a gate only with lugs for welding.

To add further protection, we offer a range of options for handrail infill using wire mesh gratings and perforated sheets. Meeting the latest safety regulations, our wire mesh infills use heavy-duty clips and add a smart finish to any handrail project.

Our infill partner, PF Group, are specialists in the manufacture of mesh gratings and can advise on the best solution for your infill needs.

If you require a custom-built solution, please contact our technical staff that will happily discuss your project or applications with you.


handrail_infill-1.jpg   handrail_infill-2.jpg
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