Stock bends / Joints


Typical return bends:

handrail_rails_returnbend.jpg handrail_rails_90bend.jpg
Return or "D" bend 90º bend


Staircase Return or "D" bend Ramp bend


Handrail joints:

handrail_bracket_type1.jpg handrail_bracket_type2.jpg
handrail_joint_type_2.jpg handrail_joint_type_1.jpg
Expanding joint Grooved joint


We currently manufacture ramp bends, standard "D" bends, staircase return "D" bends and 90-degree variants. Whiles these are all considered typical returns, there can also be times when our technicians can offer bespoke options for unique circumstances.

In addition to these handrails, we supply several handrail joints. These can be classified as either expanding joints or grooved joints. Each is intended to be used with certain designs and as always, safety and aesthetics are taken quite seriously at Guard Rail Group. Should you have any additional questions or if you would like to learn more about the other products that we offer, please feel free to contact a representative.


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