System components - Axess Ladder System

ladder_axess-3.jpgSystem components for Guardrail’s "AXESS" vertical permanent ladder are usually kept in stock for quick delivery or can be supplied as a complete ladder once the floor to floor dimension is given.

Components are generally BS 4211 compatible for the health and safety conscious. Supplied in "flat-pack" form for ease of transportation thus lending itself to export projects.

Download a simple overview of system components for AXESS vertical ladder system or view further below for individual parts.

System components overview - AXESS ladder system

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Individual components - AXESS ladder system:

All items sold with necessary bolts/nuts and washers (excluding structure/wall fixings). Parts usually available ex stock. Finish: Galvanised.

Item AX1
Long Ladder Section
2500 mm
Item AX2
Short Ladder Section
1250 mm
Item AX3
Ladder Extension
(Sold in pairs)
Item AX4
Extension to floor
(Sold in pairs)
Item AX5
Top Step

Item AX6
Ladder Foot
(Sold in pairs) 
Item AX7
Ladder Stay
(Sold in pairs)
Item AX8
Top Hoop
Item AX9
Lower Hoop

Item AX10
Splice Plates
(Sold in pairs)
Item AX11
Top Cage Strap
(Sets of 5) 
Item AX12
Lower Cage Strap
(Sets of 5) 
Item AX13 & AX14
Cage Splice/Spacer
(Included with AX12 set)

Typical examples

Guardrail’s AXESS ladder system is straightforward and easy to install. Download the following pdf’s for AX models to suit typical rises.

Typical 2000, 2500 and 3500 mm rises

Typical 3000 and 4000 mm rises

Typical 4500 and 5500/6000 mm rises

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